Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I love how Pharyngula fans attack pointless online polls and flip the results around. In the latest edition, CNN had a poll asking if you believed in god, and when PZ posted it, 31% said "No". In reviewing the comments, "No" climbed as high as 68%! That's Pharyngulization! Too funny.

Imagine wielding the kind of power PZ has in his hands! I would not be able to contain myself and would attack all sorts of stupid polls. Imagine a SF Gate poll asking if the Giants should trade Cain or Linecum for pitching with a 95% "Yes" vote due to all of the Padre fans attacking the poll. Get them outa here! Or a LA Times poll asking if the Dodgers should trade more prospects for proven major league veterans with a 95% "Yes" vote! Keep up the good work Ned. Not that I would expect these polls to ever affect the team's policy decisions, but you never know!

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