Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's hear it for...

your 4th place Padres! Out of the cellar! The sun's a little brighter up here in 4th, birds chiping, the sounds of children's laughter, even the air smells cleaner. Its nice to be out of the cellar.

And since the disaster of the Cardinals series, the Pads have won 5 series in a row, 4 of which were on the road! If you take out both home and away sets against the Cards, the last team to beat the Pads in a series was Atlanta on August 3-5. That's 8 series wins and just two series losses since August 6. (I am damn sick of writing the Cardinals in the post, are you sick of hearing about it? Something must be done next year! Beating the Cards has to be a priority.) Its definitely progress.

And has the Wade LeBlanc we heard about for three years finally arrived? Lets hope so.

And I'm also sick of starting sentences with and.

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