Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh so close last night

Chase Headley had a monster game with a single, three doubles and a homer. A triple short of a cycle, so close. Heath even blew the save to get Chase another AB in the 11th. When Chase roped it down the line in that AB, I was hoping for a funny carom or the RF crashing into the wall, but alas, just his third double of the evening. Total bases 10 and 11. Nice. But ooohhh so close.

Sure a cycle is truly an irrelevant feat, a statistical oddity at best, completely meaningless at worst. But its the little things like this that make baseball so much fun! Just one cycle is all Padre fans want. Well that and one measly no-no. Is that too much to ask?

The Channel 4 broadcast just mentioned a Padres player has had three legs of a cycle 320 times. 320! Who knew? That averages 8 times per the 40 seasons, which is pretty close to the nine times this year it has happened. 9 times? I certainly don't remember that.

I don't think you should count the times when a guy gets his third hit with his last AB. Sure he has three legs of the cycle, but he never had a chance at a cycle. How many times did a Padre player come to the plate with a chance at a cycle? That has to be a much, much lower number.

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