Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are you FAKKING kidding me?

I sent my new Padre account rep the following email on Saturday:

“Dear Mr. Wuller,

I received my season ticket renewal package today and I could not be more disappointed. For the last few weeks, all Padre fans have heard was how 2010 prices would be going down and season ticket holders would receive more value for their money. The cover letter in the season ticket package reinforces these messages, and even states "We have reduced 86% of season ticket prices and kept the remainder flat (with 2009 prices). We know the economy remains challenging, and we're doing our part to keep PETCO Park affordable."

Imagine my dismay at seeing that our ticket prices were not reduced, were not even flat at 2009 levels, but actually INCREASED by 11%! I'm insulted and angry. Clearly the value spin is nothing more than that, marketing spin!

I can only hope there is a mistake in the invoice I received. If not, I doubt I will be renewing my seats for 2010. Please contact me as soon as you can to clarify my invoice, you have my email address and my phone number is listed below.


I received this response today:

“Good Morning Mr. Dark,

Thank you for your email regarding your 2010 renewal package.

I apologize if the message sent out by the Padres is unclear. When comparing
prices for our 20 Game Season Ticket Holders we look at the price compared to
NON-Season Holders.

In the Left Field Lower Box section the price per ticket will be $27 but for you it will be $20/ticket. We have also lowered the price for Season Ticket Parking from $18 to $10, and your tickets for Opening Day will be lowered to $20 (down $8 from last year).

Please let me know if you have any other questions at all. I am always happy to

Jeff Wuller

Account Specialist”

That explains it…NOT! It makes it worse! While the seats in lower left are going down for the general public from $28 to $27, the 20 game season ticket holder price is not going down a $1 as well, not staying flat, but going up $2! And this is after stating 86% are going down and the rest are flat. Except for you Mike.

What’s the message here? Is it:

  • Since I haven’t quit on the team already, I probably never will so go ahead and gouge me next year.
  • My loyalty in being one of the handfull of remaining season ticket holders is worth less than nothing.
  • An agent is running the show and using the media for spin is covered in Agent 101.
  • 20 season ticket holders are not real season ticket holders.
  • all of the above.

I could not be more disappointed. Before Saturday, I never even considered dropping my season tickets, never wavered on my support for my team. But this is wrong.

On the bright side, I really can't afford them anyways.

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