Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All-Star Game

I'm a sucker for the All-Star game, I can admit that. I love the pageantry with the bunting and every player introduced before the game. I always remember waiting to see our Padre (usually there was just one, but luckily many, many years it was T Gwynn and he started) announced in this national broadcast. I loved that the NL used to win every year, which now seems like a very long time ago.

When I was growing up, it was see tv. Our tv died one year on the exact day of the all-star game, so when Dad got home from work, he went out and got a 13" color tv to get us through the game until the console could be fixed. (One tv in the entire house, memo to self, tell the kids this story. That will get them off the "we-need-a-flat-screen-for-our-room" kick.) Every year we watched the game growing up, and usually by the third inning we were out front playing wiffle or sock ball, using the all-star lineups, emulating batting stances and even switch hitting if necessary. If you have never tried to bat like Ricky Henderson, give it go sometime, it is hard!

For a few years at the beginning of this decade we had an all-star game party at the house each year. 2003's party ended going way late into the night across the street at the neighbors house, fueled in part by rally shots during the game, including the now infamous Anti-Gagne rally shot that cost the NL the game. In hindsight, considering the losing streak the NL is currently on, it was probably not a good idea. But he was a Dodger, it couldn't be helped. And in our defense, he had a two run lead during the middle of his unreal 2003 Cy Young season, whodathunkit?

Nothing has really changed. Still must see, can't wait for the game tonight, the whole family will sit down and watch it. Though it being the only game on for three days (or four days, for sometimes the team gets a bye the first Thursday back, what is that all about? You have three days off in a row, why would any team be off Thursday as well? Stupid, but it happens every year) certainly heightens the must see aspect. I hope Adrian gets to play, but with 4 1Bs on the team, I really hope he at least gets to pinch hit and takes one out to left. I hope Heath comes in and strikes everyone out like he says he's going to. I really hope he doesn't come in and blow the game like Trevor in 2006, that's a pain that is lingering. In a perfect world, the NL wins and a Pad is the MVP.

For Pad fans, I found this list of Padre All-Star representatives, there are some pretty fun names on it:

Year: All-Stars (Pos.)
1969: Chris Cannizaro (C)
1970: Cito Gaston (OF)
1971: Nate Colbert (1B), Preston Gomez (coach)
1972: Nate Colbert (1B)
1973: Nate Colbert (1B)
1974: Johnny Grubb (OF)
1975: Randy Jones (P)
1976: Randy Jones (P), John McNamara (coach)
1977: Dave Winfield (OF)
1978: Rollie Fingers (P), Dave Winfield (OF)
1979: Dave Winfield (OF), Gaylord Perry (P)
1980: Dave Winfield (OF)
1981: Terry Kennedy (C), Ozzie Smith (SS)
1982: Ruppert Jones (OF)
1983: Dave Dravecky (P), Terry Kennedy (C)
1984: Steve Garvey (1B), Tony Gwynn (OF), Rich Gossage (P), Dick Dent (trainer)
1985: Tony Gwynn (OF), Steve Garvey (1B), LaMarr Hoyt (P), Terry Kennedy (C), Graig Nettles (3B), Rich Gossage (P), Garry Templeton (SS), Dick Williams (manager)
1986: Tony Gwynn (OF)
1987: Tony Gwynn (OF)
1988: Mark Davis (P)
1989: Tony Gwynn (OF)
1990: Benito Santiago (C)--injured, dnp, Tony Gwynn (OF), Roberto Alomar (2B)
1991: Benito Santiago (C), Tony Gwynn (OF)
1992: Tony Gwynn (OF), Benito Santiago (C), Fred McGriff (1B), Tony Fernandez (SS), Gary Sheffield (3B), Bob Day (trainer)
1993: Tony Gwynn (OF), Andy Benes (P)
1994: Tony Gwynn (OF)
1995: Tony Gwynn (OF)
1996: Tony Gwynn (OF)--injured, dnp, Ken Caminiti (3B)
1997: Tony Gwynn (OF), Ken Caminiti (3B), Steve Finley (OF), Bruce Bochy (coach)
1998: Tony Gwynn (OF), Kevin Brown (P), Trevor Hoffman (P), Greg Vaughn (OF)
1999: Tony Gwynn (OF)--injured, dnp, Andy Ashby (P), Trevor Hoffman (P), Bruce Bochy (Manager)
2000: Trevor Hoffman (P)
2001: Tony Gwynn (OF) -- special All-Star guest, Ryan Klesko (1B), Phil Nevin (3B), Bruce Bochy (coach), Todd Hutcheson (trainer)
2002: Trevor Hoffman (P)
2003: Rondell White (OF)
2004: Mark Loretta (2B)
2005: Jake Peavy (P)
2006: Trevor Hoffman (P)
2007: Trevor Hoffman (P), Jake Peavy (P), Chris Young (P)
2008: Adrian Gonzalez (1B)
2009: Adrian Gonzalez (1B), Heath Bell (P)

I have never heard of Johnny Grubb, so I wonder if he makes people wince like Rondell White makes me wince? Rondell White...ouch! That hurts. Maybe every team shouldn't have an all-star.

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